Ferrari increases customization options with new Tailor-Made program

Posted on 9 December, 2011

Ferrari Tailor-Made

Good things come to those who wait. Or so the saying goes, at least. And while that may not seem like something you’d associate with performance automobiles like Ferraris, maybe it should. Because while some will pay a premium to get a Ferrari – any Ferrari – right away, others are willing to wait to get theirs just the way they want it. And when we say ‘just the way they want it’, we mean just the way they want it.

To meet the demands of customers willing to shell out a little extra to specify every last detail of their new sports car, companies like Ferrari have been gradually upping their customization portfolio. Maranello’s latest is called, appropriately enough, Ferrari Tailor-Made, and encompasses a wide array of customization options.

Ferrari breaks them down into three categories: Scuderia (which encompasses motorsport-derived materials like carbon fiber and Alcantara), Classica (with pastel colors from the company’s back catalog, cashmere and velvet trim) and Inedita (with avant-garde materials like denim and matte paint jobs).

The limited-edition 599 GTB 60F1 grew out of the Tailor-Made program, and Ferrari has put together three unique one-offs to demonstrate the extent of the possibilities: a 458 Spider with NART stripes, chamois leather upholstery, quilted fabric and high-tech woven aluminum/fiberglass dashboard trim; an FF in Grigio Ingrid with pinstripe cloth, cashmere headliner and teak-trimmed cargo area; and a California decked out to Lapo Elkann’s specifications in denim with matte Blu Scozia finish.

Of course, with such an array of options, each example coming out of the studio will be completely unique, guided by a personal designer at the Ferrari Styling Centre, and assuredly fetching a hefty premium over the already considerable list price.