1974 Ferrari 312 B3

Posted on 13 December, 2011

Every year, each Formula One team on the grid designs a brand-new car and builds a handful of them for use at grands prix around the world. So what happens to the old ones? Well, the less important ones might get scrapped, unfortunately. The more important ones might find their way into museum collections. But then there’s a whole class of collectors who buy them for use at historic racing events or private track days.

Those collectors lust after opportunities like this one: to own a grand prix-winning car driven by a World Champion for a team no less celebrated than Scuderia Ferrari. This 1974 Ferrari 312 B3 was the very same that Niki Lauda drove to the checkered flag at the Dutch Grand Prix and Spanish Grand Prix that year. And while it would have been worth more if those races had helped Lauda secure the championship that year, unfortunately, a series of DNFs relegated him to fourth place in the standings, returning the following year to win his first title.