2014 DMC Ferrari 458 Italia MCC Edition

Posted on 11 June, 2014

2014 DMC Ferrari 458 Italia MCC EditionJust a month after launching the 458 Italia facelift “MONTE CARLO”, German super car refiner DMC is stepping up the game one level further. The package that turns regular old 458 Italias into the SPECIAL look received a carbon fiber update with some special tweaks: Introducing the DMC 458 “MCC Edition”

Let’s remember: Monte Carlo is a styling package that adds the latest aggressive 2014 look to the popular Italian stallion. It means that owners of the regular 458 Italia can take their old front bumper off, and replace it with DMC’s fascia. Since the product is using the original contact brackets, installation is simple – no modification of the car is needed. Better yet, the old bumper could be stored and put back into place at any time to restore the original look.

Following DMC tradition, the bumper features an whole new, aggressive design, which resembles the latest pranking horse from Maranello.  The setup includes a front bumper, a carbon fiber front lip, and sidely located bumper diffusers. The components are easy to install and support a better road feel. Compared with last month’s MONTE CARLO, the MCC Edition adds further Carbon Fiber tweaks for an even more exclusive appearance. MCC Edition naturally stands for MONTE CARLO CARBON Edition.

What makes the MCC Edition stand out is the pain-staking attention to detail: Every bit and piece that can be exposed, has been turned into Carbon Fiber, a detail not even found on the original Maranello vehicle. DMC has become famous over the years, not only for their outstanding design which usually stays in line with original values; but also for their industry leading carbon fiber quality, that often exceeds OEM standards.

Current 458 owners will love the product. If you don’t want the extreme look of DMC’s 458 ESTREMO, and if aero-packages like DMC’s 458 ELEGANTE are too aftermarket for you, then the 458 MCC Edition can turn your Italia into a monster that looks as if it just came out of the stallion factory in Italy.

Source: DMC