Barn Find: 1952 Ferrari 212 Ghia Cabriolet found collecting dust

Posted on 19 December, 2011

While rummaging through the wares on offer at an estate sale, Bobby Goins, a “picker” in Grand Blanc, Michigan, found the car pictured above: a 1952 Ferrari 212 Inter Ghia Cabriolet. Hidden under a tarp and lots of detritus in a garage, once it was revealed Goins discovered that the car was almost completely intact. The only thing missing was the engine, and that was found in Wisconsin not long after the discovery of the car.

Without a serial number, it’s difficult to place this car exactly, even though the 212 Inter was only made for three years. It came early in Ferrari’s move to production cars, but was one of the most numerous models with the widest variety of bodystyles – no less than eight coachbuilders contributed designs and variations on those designs. For instance, this one has a Ghia grille used on another body, but a different hood treatment. No matter, it’s been rescued from oblivion and sold to a good home: it was bought by a Ferrari collector for just $150,000.