China Falls in love with the California T

Posted on 15 April, 2015

China Falls in love with the California TTheir names are Miya Li, Xiongmen Shi and Dichang Yu, and they are three Chinese owners and fans of the California T: their interviews are on the latest issue of The Ferrari Magazine, which is published on the eve of the Chinese GP. Miya Li, who is in fashion, uses her California T regularly in Shanghai and is impressed by how convenient it is in the city: “It’s perfect for driving my two-year-old daughter”.

SBS Zipper Manufacturing Company chairman Xiongmen Shi, on the other hand, claims he fell in love with the California T on his first test-drive: “It’s my dream car!”. Lastly, although Shanghai industrialist Dichang Yu found the model’s lines attractive, it was the turbo engine that struck him most: “It’s also fuel efficient with low emissions, both hugely important factors”.

Source: Ferrari