DMC at The Geneva Motor Show 2015

Posted on 17 March, 2015

DMC Lamborghini Geneva 2015 Front Angle2015 was the first year DMC was present at the famous Geneva Auto Show, probably the most important car show in the world! With a multitude of both World and European premieres by the biggest car makers in the world, in short THE place to be for a high end tuner like DMC, they also had a world premiere to unveil.

In fact DMC is most likely the first tuner to show no less than four Lamborghini on their stand at the same time, the Huracán -Stage1 (AFFARI) and -Stage2 (OMAGGIO) as well as the Aventador -Stage2 (Spezial Version Evoluzione and -Stage3 (Edition-GT). The brand new DMC Huracán Stage2 (OMAGGIO) was shown to the public for the first time ever … worldwide.

The white Lamborghini Aventador with DMC Spezial Version Evoluzione kit was one of only 10 to be produced with this very impressive aerodynamic package consisting of the awesome front bumper with upright fins and additional canards on the side of this bumper, side sills, rear lower diffuser, rear bumper and large rear wing. Once again this kit only available on special request to make sure no two SV-E in the world are the same … the combination of a white bodywork with clear carbon fiber aerodynamic parts and gold finished, forged monoblock DMC wheels on this unit sure drew a lot of attention during the show.

Next to this V12 masterpiece the DMC stand showed a brand new, factory fresh Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 that received a complete DMC Affari (Stage1) package: the carbon fiber front lips, the color coded side vents, carbon fiber side sills, the carbon fiber rear diffuser, rear bumper and naturally the beautiful rear wing … in the same clear carbon fiber material.

What really sets the DMC Affari kit apart from all other tuners are the ‘fins’ on the engine cover, transforming the Lamborghini Huracán into a prehistoric predator … a Raging Bull from the dinosaur age so to speak … the owner of this specific Bianco DMC Affari opted for a smaller diameter exhaust system, but still with a sound to wake up the neighborhood. Bright red brake calipers were hiding behind a set of DMC wheels in a dual five spoke design finished in glossy black with a titanium shade outer rim.

DMC Lamborghini Geneva 2015 Rear Angle

For those that are looking for a very special Lamborghini Aventador like no other tuner is able to offer, the limited edition DMC E-GT is the one to capture your attention, from the impressive Le Mans style front bumper over the wide side sills and magnificent rear section complete with massive track derived rear wing and stupendously beautiful custom engine cover … the DMC Aventador Edizione GT finished in this special red wrap at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show was without a doubt the most impressive Aventador at the show.

All aerodynamic parts finished in a satin matte carbon fiber while the car itself received a 3M red wrap (over an Arancio Argos body) created a one of a kind super exotic car, add the custom DMC wheels with a black center and grey outer rim covering orange brake calipers and even standing still you know this Bull is ready to shred the track to pieces at every option she gets.

The triangular air intake that is positioned above the roof of the DMC Aventador E-GT draws cool air into an engine bay that can host a V12 with a towering 988hp output, a massive power increase over the original 700hp that will make sure this exotic is as fast as she looks.

The fourth Lamborghini on the DMC stand in Geneva is the latest incarnation of DMC tuning for the Huracán V10 model … over 3,300 of these Bulls have been ordered in the last 12 months, about 1,100 of them have already been delivered to their happy owners, so it was time for DMC to unveil the second step in their tuning program for this very popular model from Sant’Agata.

The DMC Huracán Omaggio (Stage2) was finished only days before the door at Geneva opened and it traveled a very long way to Switzerland for you to admire her for the first time ever, the DMC Omaggio is in fact an homage to one of the most important Lamborghini ever, the Countach, a dream car for an entire generation back in the Eighties.

DMC has always been mesmerized by the angular styling of the Lamborghini Countach, a timeless classic that inspired many other car builders with those Lamborghini typical doors opening upward … but DMC didn’t take the obvious route to give the Huracán those always imitated doors … instead DMC opted to use the stunning rear wing from the Countach and restyle it to be used on the Huracán sitting atop some of the most beautiful, and highly detailed struts ever seen.

Naturally a Stage2 kit like the DMC Omaggio has to offer a more aggressive look compared to the basic Stage1 kit (which is the DMC Affari for the Lamborghini Huracán), so for the Omaggio the front bumper is a new unit that completely replaces the original unit, showing two massive air intakes and a far forward pointing lower spoiler design, the extra air vents on the sides offer an improved air flow, hence additional cooling.

The Omaggio aerodynamic package also includes a set of side sills, a massive rear diffuser with vertical stabilization fins and a new rear bumper with additional streaks in the center, the rear deck of the engine cover receives a beautiful carbon fiber finish while on this demo car the exterior rear view mirrors also get the lightweight carbon fiber treatment.

The matte orange wrap with matte black roof combined with the clear carbon fiber parts and magnificent DMC wheels in glossy black made this DMC Huracán Omaggio very hard to miss during the Geneva Auto Show, in fact every DMC Lamborghini at the Geneva Auto Show was sitting on custom made DMC wheels.

Source: DMC