DMC Lamborghini Gallardo SOHO

Posted on 6 September, 2012

With the Gallardo nearly phasing out, and fans already discussing what the successor’s name might be, the market is suddenly filled with first Generation Gallardos, built from 2004-20008. German luxury tuner DMC is targeting potential buyers of those early-bird Gallardos with their body kit, which facelifts the car into a 2012 LP570 style: Introducing the DMC Lamborghini Gallardo “SOHO”.

Body Kit

The basic message of the SOHO is clear, adding an aggressive look with a strong pinch of LP570 DNA.

To achieve greater downforce on the front, DMC offers a redesigned front bumper that adds the latest LP570 style to the old bull from St’Agata. In typical DMC tradition, its being manufactured in pure carbon fiber. Unlike other suppliers, who make a product of glass giber and add some carbon lips, DMC’s whole product, is made of visible carbon fiber. If you ask if that’s really necessary, since some parts would be painted anyhow? No, but while others opt for cheap, DMC opts for the best only.

The kit continues with perfectly matched side diffusers, a massive rear wing, and a new rear-fascia. A new rear diffuser completes the look and supports the redesigned aerodynamics of the car. Thanks to these aerodanymic components, the DMC Gallardo makes a clear sportier appearance, gets a refreshed 2012 look and leaves nothing else but exclusive impressions.


DMC prepares the cockpit of the Baby-Lambo providing even more sports racing atmosphere. For this, the tuners from Duesseldorf, Germany offer a complete make-over using carbon fiber & fine italian leathers. Clients that have the opportunity to bring their car to DMC will not recognize their Gallardo after the DMC treatment. Complete new leather and carbon fiber coatings leave no old look behind, a hand-made art that is performed by only a few masters left in Germany.


Thanks to DMC’s Engine Performance facility in Zurich, Switzerland, the tuners were able to get some additional HP out of the Gallardo’s V10 engine. Gallardos that seek tuning either come with a 500 or 520 HP base engine. No matter which of those 2 models are being modified, DMC will able to come up with an increased 40 PS (30 Nm), achieving a new top-speed of 322 km/h for both versions.


The DMC stainless sports rear silencer (end pipe) emits a sound similar to that generated from race tracks announcing the arrival of the blood-curdling steer. Positive side effect; an even sportier rear look. If that‘s not enough, customers can extend their exhaust system with a DMC sport metallic catalytic converter. This conversion also brings an additional 28 extra PS (50nM).