Ferrari 458 Italia Sound

Posted on 5 June, 2010

Video of nice yellow Ferrari 458 Italia starting up and accelerating hard. If you like the video don’t forget to Comment and Subscribe.more great videos are coming soon!! The 458 Italia is powered by 4499 cc (4.499 L; 274.5 cu in) V8 engine derived from a shared Ferrari/Maserati design, producing 570 PS (420 kW; 560 hp) at 9000 rpm (redline) and 540 Nm (400 lb·ft) at 6000 rpm with 80% torque available at 3250 rpm.The engine features direct fuel injection, a first for Ferrari mid-rear engine setups in its road cars. The company says the 458 – expected to cost as much as $600000, or 10 per cent more than the 430 – completes the new generation Ferrari range, boasting better environmental credentials accompanied by more power and better performance.