Ferrari getting them young with CX-10 training bike

Posted on 17 September, 2008

Well, what do you know… Ferrari has finally created a new two-wheeler, but it’s not exactly the Ducati-esque superbike we had been hoping for. Still, it’s probably the greenest Ferrari the world will ever see. Designed for little tykes of either gender aged 3-4 years, this not-quite from Maranello Ferrari-branded cycle has dual 12-inch wheels, an aluminum twin-tube chassis running straight from the headtube to the rear dropouts and, um, training wheels. A radial-mounted caliper brake grips firmly at the front while the rear gets a skid-friendly coaster brake. Just in case the bright red paint job didn’t get the message across, a yellow Prancing Horse flag is affixed to the rear, easily adding a few extra horsepower in the process. Get yours now from Toys-R-Us for under 5-large. Too small? No worries, a 16-inch wheel version is available along with a proper 20-incher for those budding pre-teen future Ferrari drivers.