Lamborghini Countach Donuts and Track Lap [video]

Posted on 11 April, 2014


Here is a nice video, which you can’t see every day or possibly never. A Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary is making donuts and a track lap. There are only few remaining units of the highly-collectible sports car and the owners don’t risk to crash them in the name of fun.

The 25th Anniversary Countach has restyled and enlarged rear “air boxes” , a new air dam and side skirting, both with air intakes. The taillights were restyled to be narrower, with body-colored panels replacing the upper and lower parts of the previous large taillights.

The special edition Countach also came with 345/35 R15 tires.

The engine is a 5.2 liter naturally aspirated V12 with 455HP (335 kW) and 500Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque. 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds and a top speed of over 300 km/h (186 mph).