Lee Iacocca’s Ferrari F40 up for auction

Posted on 16 January, 2012

Lee Iacocca's 1991 Ferrari F40

Supercars play a volatile and ever-changing game of one-upmanship. With each new generation outperforming the last, it takes something truly special to endure the test of time. The Ferrari F40 is such an icon.

Built to celebrate Ferrari’s fortieth anniversary, the F40 was the most extreme Ferrari ever produced to date, and the last to be ushered into production under the watchful eye of its founder Enzo Ferrari. Popular demand saw its original intended production run of 400 expand to over 1,300, but just 213 were made for the American market. This one is noteworthy.

This particular F40, you see, was built for Lee Iacocca during his tenure as chief executive at Chrysler. When the CEO of a major automaker orders a vehicle from another automaker, it says a lot. Even more so in this instance, because when this Ferrari was built, Iacocca’s Chrysler also owned Lamborghini – Ferrari’s longtime rival.

With fewer than 300 miles on the odometer and three owners in its twenty-one year history, this F40 is set to cross the auction block in one week at RM Auctions’ event in Arizona. Follow the jump for the full listing, and check out the extensive image gallery for a closer look.