Outraged Italian police set to crush fake Ferrari

Posted on 27 October, 2009

Right up front, we must state that there is a very high likelihood that the following is not entirely true. With that said, here’s the skinny on what we think we know: Thanks to local copyright laws, cops in Ostuni, Italy have reportedly confiscated a Toyota MR2 cut to look an awful lot like a Ferrari 355 Berlinetta. And they intend to crush it.

So much so that the British-made phony Italian was being touted as the real thing — an obvious scam. As to why the authorities intend to destroy the car, let’s listen to what one of the cops involved had to say: “It was a good fake but just a fake, Ferrari is one of Italy’s crown jewels. We can’t allow cheap copies.”

Yes, well, we guess that makes sense. But are the cops allowed to crush the car out of some odd sense of damaged Italian pride? Looks like it. We here at Autoblog feel it’s our duty to go ahead and give you a surefire tip on how to keep your faker from meeting the same fate – nobody suspects a Fiero-bodied Ferrari 308.