Racing One-Ferrari Attacks With Forged Wheels by Loma

Posted on 21 June, 2016
2016 Loma Ferrari 458 GT Front Angle

The team of Racing One GmbH in Andernach is certainly one of the most triumphant Ferrari-teams worldwide. They leave nothing to chance. In deed, the Rhinelander are so accustomed to bringing home the victory, that even Ferrari use their own official motor sport website to honor the results of the Racing One team during the VLN-event (VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring) on May 1, 2016 under the supervision of boss Martin KOHLHAAS.

As a serial winner of the VLN Endurance Championship and organizer of numerous track days, Racing One relies on the forged wheels made by LOMA®. Currently, LOMA® developed the forged wheel GT COMPETITION which presents itself with an innovative spokes ergonomic. It enables the mechanics to change the wheels even faster during critical pit stops. The ergonomically spokes fit perfectly into one’s hand to accomplish a safer and quicker wheel change.

The extremely light weight of the rim provides a competitive edge for the team in order to improve the performance of the Ferrari on the most difficult racing track in the world, the Nürburgring Nordschleife .

The company’s owner of LOMA® – Mario RADOSAVLJEVIC – stated, that for a total of two years this particular rim was designed and tested especially for the Ferrari with the objective to achieve its incomparable and unique result.

The special characteristic of a LOMA® rim – especially the exclusively forged wheels used as racing rims for the motor sport – is the customized demands of a team. These are not a mass-produced item. The offsets can be produced as needed to improve the track of a vehicle. And the tire pressure can be aligned with utmost precision in order to achieve a more constant performance.

The current LOMA® GT COMPETITION racing rim is available in 18” or 19” for all Ferrari 458 of the GT-class as well as for Ferrari Challenge vehicles. That’s why the LOMA® company’s motto is a no-brainer: We forge performance.

Source: Loma