Ferrari working on new door opening

Posted on 20 November, 2009

As if scissor doors, butterflies and those crazy Koenigsegg pivoters weren’t enough to separate exotics from lesser cars, Ferrari is said to be working on another new door design that is both radical and practical.

Autocar came across a patent filing showing a few diagrams depicting this unique door setup. What sets it apart is the fact that the new Ferrari door includes part of the front fender and hinges upward like the butterfly door from a LeMans racer. Apparently the opening is large enough and shaped in such a way that “occupants can place their foot directly behind the front wheel.”

According to the patent application, that will make ingress and egress much easier for passengers in low-slung supercars, though the new door design is said to work just as well on front engined cars as it does for vehicles with their engines mounted aft or amidships. Even better, this design and its unique hinges are reported to be “easy and cost-effective to make,” which should make it easier for the Dodge Chargers of SEMA circa 2012 to get in on the fun too.

We’re still seeing an issue with the A-pillar and windscreen, but it looks interesting. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any photos of these funky doors, but for now we’re stuck wondering how hard it was for Ferrari engineers to use the supplied British sports car diagram in order to submit their application form.