Schumacher driving an old F1 car

Posted on 2 August, 2009

Schumacher driving an old F1 carMichael Schumacher, who will replace Felipe Massa in Formula One at the European Grand Prix next month, is preparing for his return by driving an old F1 car. Schumacher went to Ferrari’s factory in Maranello to use the team’s simulator to learn the cockpit controls of the latest car.

The next day, he borrowed an F2007 car and tested it at the Mugello circuit. The current test ban forbids him from testing the current machinery at this point of the season. Ferrari has asked rival teams for permission to have Schumacher test this year’s car. Ferrari has written to the FIA and to its rival teams asking to allow Schumacher to test for a day with this year’s F60 car in order to arrive better prepared for the Valencia race. Schumacher admitted that he is trying to get as much mileage as possible before his return, even if it means driving old cars.