The different uses of cars

Posted on 30 April, 2012

The automobile has come a long way since its relatively humble beginnings as a primitive engine propelled carriage.  We now see an array of car manufacturers eager to sell hugely differentiated products with differing practicalities; the Sports Utility Vehicle, the 4×4, People Carriers, Cruisers and City Cars all vie for our hard earned money with huge ad campaigns encouraging us to recognise which of these vehicles is best for our lifestyle.  All of these cars and more can be found on

The modern car is one of our biggest consumer purchases and a statement about where we fit into society.  Many of us spend upwards of 20% of our monthly budgets on motoring (tax, insurance, payments included). 

Behind the purchase of a home, the car is probably the second biggest purchase we will make and it has becomes one of the prime material objectives for many consumers.  This is why it is important to capitalise on the best deals from the best stocked websites – has the second biggest classifieds network in the UK and currently has over 160,000 cars listed for purchase.

With so much choice available, it’s important to utilise search engines and classified listings that can pinpoint our preferred vehicle in a market swamped with choice. provides exactly this service.

Many of us will err towards practicality alone and see sense in buying a car geared for modern life.  Times have changed and we must be more concerned about fuel economy, insurance and tax, rather than style and status.  The Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) caters for this market and features highly acclaimed cars such as the Ford Focus C-Max, the Vauxhall Meriva and the Nissan Note.

Some of us still chase the pure joy of motoring and may be inclined to something sportier.  An affordable Mazda MX5 or Alfa Romeo may be the order of the day. lists examples of practically the entire fleet of modern motor car, and presents them for sale in an easy to navigate virtual forecourt.