VIDEO: Garage419 spends time with the Ferrari P4/5

Posted on 15 February, 2008

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten an update on the Ferrari P4/5, but Matt Farah of New York Motor Club fame spent some time with the always affable James Glickenhaus at the Palm Beach Supercar Weekend to see how things are going with the man’s bespoke-bodied Enzo. Aside from getting to see the P4/5 from a series of angles, Farah gets into some of the details that Glickenhaus has added after fleshing out the hyper car over the course of its life. The new exhaust tips were one topic of conversation. Based off the 2003 Ferrari F1 car’s exhaust setup, they actually provide more downforce as exhaust gases are expelled onto the rear wing. There’s plenty of other technical tidbits to be had, so hit the jump to watch the video.