Ultima claims Top Gear track record without show’s authorization

Posted on 23 October, 2009

Automotive records can be funny things. While everyone seems to be interested in knowing what vehicle is the quickest, fastest, most expensive or rarest, there always seems to be plenty of dissent when one automaker claims its product takes the coveted prize away from another. Such is the case with the Ultima GTR720.

There’s no doubting that both the Ferrari FXX and the Ultima GTR are fast cars. Which car is actually faster around a race track, though, is currently up for debate. The track in question is the Dunsfold aerodrome circuit, better known to many as the Top Gear test track. Not long ago, the crew from TG invited one Stig impersonator by the name of Michael Schumacher in the super high-test Ferrari racer to take a lap around its circuit, and the tame racing driver managed to set a new record at one minute 10.7 seconds.

Here’s where the mine-is-bigger-than-yours part comes in. Ultima reportedly contacted Top Gear to let them know its car could go ’round the track faster than the aforementioned Prancing Horse, but the show apparently never responded. Taking matters into its own hands, then, Ultima borrowed the track for itself and is claiming to have completed a lap in one minute 9.9 seconds – less than one full tick quicker than the Ferrari, but quicker nonetheless. Plus, Ultima says, the GTR720 was both cheaper and fully road legal while the