Would you pay $8/hour to own a Ferrari?

Posted on 2 December, 2011

Costs of co-owning a Ferrari F430

Life is full of unattainables. Most of us will never hold the keys to an expansive beach-front property, lounge on our own personal yacht or park a Ferrari in the garage, and for good reason. The very exclusivity of those objects is part of their lure, but a new site looks to change all that. Jointli allows regular Joes and Janes to co-own property, vehicles, boats and more. The site’s tools allow users to chose potential co-owners in their area, sign agreements and manage time shares accordingly. So, how much would it conceivably cost to own, say, a Ferrari F430?

According to Jointli, four people could conceivably wrangle one of the Italian exotics for as little as $8,000 per person, which works out to close to $8 per hour individually. Of course, Jonli’s math means that’s the cost after selling the vehicle after just one year of use. It also excludes any unfortunate dings or repairs that may arise as the result of four people who don’t know how to drive a Ferrari being tossed the keys. The whole scenario sounds great in a perfect world. Unfortunately, our planet is about as far from that bright center as you can get. Head over to Jointli to check out the system for yourself.