Ferrari 250 GTO: The most expensive car in the world

080923002 Ferrari 250 GTO: The most expensive car in the world
A car widely renowned as the most beautiful of all time is also now officially the most expensive after a model sold for €20 million at an auction, German newspaper Bild reports.
Only 39 models of the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO model were ever built, from 1962 to 1964. It was already considered one of the most valuable cars in the world, previously thought to have been worth approximately €14 million.…

Ferrari 599 Barchetta

car photo 275313 7 Ferrari 599 Barchetta
The Ferrari 599 has gone topless! The Barchetta version of the Prancing Horse’s range-topping Gran Turismo has been spied out testing, and is easily distinguished by its mock hard top, which doesn’t quite match the colour of the main bodywork. The less than snug fit of the rear windows also hints that the roof we see isn’t genuine.…

First Ferrari California sold for $520,000 at charity

2009 ferrari california First Ferrari California sold for $520,000 at charity
The new 2009 Ferrari California won’t make its world debut until the 2008 Paris Motor Show but it was unveiled to a lucky few last week on Thursday. Ferrari held a star-studded event in Maranello and in Santa Monica, California ahead of the car’s scheduled launch on Oct. 2nd.
The Santa Monica event also featured a charity auction where the first Ferrari California was sold for $520,000.…

2009 Ferrari California Live Reveal in LA and Maranello Today

Maranello, 18th September 2008 – The world premiere of the new Ferrari California takes place this evening in the build-up to its official unveiling at the Paris Auto Show on October 2nd next.

The premiere will take place contemporaneously in Maranello and Los Angeles while Ferrari enthusiasts will for the first time in the Prancing Horse’s history be able to watch the event live on the website from 22.00 Italian time.…

Ferrari FX70: new Enzo leaked online through secret document

After Bugatti, Ferrari has fallen victim to the online world and its intricate system of knowledge sharing and leaking, with details released about a new model, which has provided us with some juicy news on the FX70.

If this isn’t a sophisticated attempt at viral marketing, a document leaked from the company reveals some details of the Enzo.…

2008 Ferrari Memo Reveals New Supercar Development

 2008 Ferrari Memo Reveals New Supercar Development
An apparently top secret internal Ferrari memo has just surfaced and reveals that Ferrari is preparing a new supercar code named the FX150. Testing for the car begins October 3rd and it is expected to come out sometime next year. It features a turbocharged, mid-longitudinally mounted V8. The engine is made from aluminum alloy and is estimated to have 794hp and 772nm of torque.…