Ferrari F70

Ferrari F70 01 Ferrari F70

Ferrari’s new flagship packs more than 800bhp, weighs as little as 1100kg and promises to be as close to a true competition car as any road-legal vehicle yet made, according to company sources. The Enzo replacement — codenamed F150 — is due to make its public debut next spring.

Compared with the upcoming McLaren P1, the F150 is claimed by Ferrari to make more sophisticated use of carbonfibre in its construction.…

Ferrari F70 – render

Ferrari F70 will be the successor of Enzo. It finished production in 2004 and is one of the most anticipated models. These renderings are made from Constantin-Gabriel Radu who has presented this enticing set.

It will be powered by the same 6.3 liter V12 from F12 Berlinetta, but boosted to 800HP (588 kW).…

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Ferrari F70

b0dd966651echili Ferrari F70

It’s been nearly six years since production ended on the Ferrari Enzo. That’s longer than we had to wait for the Enzo to arrive after the preceding F50 ended production, but far longer than the gap between the F40 and F50 or between the 288 GTO and the F40. In the interceding years, rival automakers like Lamborghini, Bugatti and even Aston Martin have been glad to present the uber-wealthy with million-dollar supercars, but Ferrari hasn’t sat idly by.…