Neiman Marcus moves ten special edition Ferrari FFs in just 50 minutes

Posted on 10 November, 2011

Ferrari FF Neiman Marcus edition

Every year luxury retailer Neiman Marcus picks one car and commissions a lot of them for sale in its holiday catalog. Past examples have varied wildly – from a custom chopper and a Camaro convertible to a Jaguar XJ and a Lexus IS-F – the one common trait being that they’d all be welcome items to find under the Christmas tree. And they always sell out as fast as they can accelerate.

This year’s chosen car was no exception to that trend, as all ten examples of the Neiman Marcus edition Ferrari FF sold in less than an hour. Fifty minutes, in fact, was all it took, despite a a $395,000 sticker price. For the extra $95k premium over list, the ten buyers each got an individually-numbered FF in Grigio Caldo and a trip to Ferrari’s winter driving school in Aspen – and they’ll get them a good couple of years earlier than it would take to wait on the list like everybody else.