Luca Montezemolo beaches Ferrari California

Posted on 16 November, 2009

Luca and the stuck California were at the Ferrari World Finals in Valencia, Spain. The Ferrari and Fiat Chairman was ferrying the Scuderia’s brand-new F1 driver Fernando Alonso (who is technically still under contract with Renault) and carryover driver Felipe Massa around the track, waving to the fans. Then – for who knows what reason – Montezemolo decides to not bother with pit lane and just make a ninety degree right hander into a gravel trap. A gravel trap, it should be pointed out, that’s used to catch and slow cars spinning out of control at triple digit speeds.

The result is the new Ferrari grand tourer getting stuck like whale. Montezemolo tries spinning the back tires a bit, which only digs them deeper, while Alonso and Massa attempt to push. Sooner than later, track workers show up and all three men escape to safety seated on the back of a blue California.