Ferrari F430

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Ferrari F430 GT2 INSANE Backfiring!

Is this the ultimate popcorn machine? Just listen to the incredible backfiring at the end of the straight!! Marchettino Facebook page:

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Ferrari 430 VS Audi R8 – REV BATTLE

My FB fan page: Visit for the latest news about the world of the cars watch this in Full HD 1080p A fantastic Rev Battle in the city centre of London between a Ferrari F430 and a tuned Audi R8 V8. You can see and hear the starting up of the supercars, a revving battle and then two little accelerations.

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Ferrari F430 Tire Test – Vredestein / Goodyear / Toyo / Yokohama – TDU by rubie38

Testing 1 : Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta // Testing 2 : Goodyear Eagle F1 // Testing : 3 Toyo Proxes R1R // Testing 4 : Yokohama Parada // Testing 5 : Toyo R888 by razvan2003 — Car by Tool831 // Original model by Turn10 // Rims by Tool831 // Sound Mod by DoctorG // Plate by Carda // Smoke Particles by reventon09 // Environment Mod (2D Nature – v6) by iLLusion // Patch HD v1.0 by 2CV SUPER GT // Tools/Patch1.68 by Djey // Performance upgrades, engine tuning by Rubie38